If you are interested in booking a party that incorporates the use of Partners Pub, The 208 Lounge, The Suite Lanes or The Breakroom, contact Jason at 320.253.2910 or via email.

We host hundreds of parties each year.  If you are thinking about having Great River Bowl and Partners Pub host your event, we suggest that you contact us right away to secure a date and time.

The way that we work our party reservations is that we do not have a room rental fee, but do have a minimum pre-ordered food requirement. We will then reserve off an appropriate amount of space for your group. The room isn't necessarily closed off for private use. In reality, the number of people you have will determine how much space in the room is reserved off for you. Each of our areas will seat 100+ people and we cannot entirely close off a large room for smaller sized groups. However, larger sized groups that require the majority of the room being used will get private use of the room at no charge.  This is why we do a food minimum based on your expected number of attendees rather than to do a room rental fee. The fee would be prohibitive for smaller groups that do not need the entire space. The area we reserve for your group would be considered your “home area” where we set out the food etc. However, people in your group are free to roam wherever. To reserve the space we require a $200 deposit that would then go toward the cost of your food for the night.

There are options if closing off the room for a private party is important. Depending on the day of week and time of year, we can most likely accommodate a private party request with a private fee.

For questions on reserving space for your event, please contact Jason.

Our Hors d'oeuvres Party Menu is available for download in PDF version HERE
Our Large Group Buffet Menu is available for download in PDF version HERE